Period Relief Belt

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The ReliefBelt is a Portable Menstrual Care Heating Belt Massager that is the ultimate accessory for easing period cramps, alleviating body aches and pains, and promoting total body rejuvenation.

This ReliefBelt™ has been developed to help ease muscle tightness, combat stomach cramps, promote period pain relief, and rejuvenate multiple body areas (e.g. lower back, thigh, hips, etc.) Experience the ultimate comfort for any situation with up to 30 minutes of premium heated massage treatments.

It comes with 3 vibration levels as well as 3 heat modes which can be selected, depending on your preference. The belt uses advanced heating technology to distribute the heat evenly on the designated area, this combination of both heat and massage therapy effectively helps soothe cramps, relax your muscles and reduce unwanted bloating. 



The healthcare industry doesn't have a great track record of making reproductive health a priority. So we’re taking matters into our own hands (and ovaries). Starting with our drug-free and instant period pain relief device using advanced heating technology. ReliefBelt™ is the ideal solution to relieve your menstrual pain. Thanks to its heat and 3 massage functions, it will make your pains disappear instantly, relieving cramps, muscles and reducing bloating!



Living in pain doesn’t start and end with 3-7 days of bleeding; it impacts school, work, relationships, confidence. And while so many of us experience it, it’s a pretty isolating experience. We have to grit our teeth, bury our faces in our pillows, roll up our sleeves, and get on with it. And we’ve had enough! But now with the ReliefBelt™ we have found you a solution. ReliefBelt™ offers real relief that every suffering woman should have!

  • 1. Easy to use

    Literally just put it on and switch it on within seconds, the ReliefBelt™ ensures immediate relaxation.

    2. 100% Natural

    The natural and chemical-free alternative to medication and tolerance-building painkillers.

    3. Recommended by gynaecologists

    Clinically and medically tested to ensure you have a safe and smooth period.


    ReliefBelt™ FAQ

    How does the ReliefBelt™ improve my period pains?

 A number of scientific studies have shown that heat and massage therapy are more effective than pain medication for period cramps. Heat relaxes the muscles of the uterus and promotes blood circulation. A massage will help reduce muscle spasms in the uterus and relieve stress. 

Where can I use the ReliefBelt™?

You can wear the ReliefBelt™ anywhere. With the slim and feather-light design, the ReliefBelt™ is like a second skin!

The various heating and vibration modes work completely silently. This means it's perfect for use at school, work or anywhere noise might be an issue.

Will the ReliefBelt™ fit me?

The ReliefBelt™ is designed to be for everyone!

Thanks to the adjustable strap and the comfortable Velcro fastener, it can be adjusted up to a waist circumference of up to 125 cm.

 Does the ReliefBelt™ help with Bloating?

Heat relaxes the abdominal muscles and a massage improves lymphatic drainage. So the ReliefBelt™ combines the best of both to make you look and feel less bloated.


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