French Jelly Nail Stamper (Combo of 2 Sets)

Rs. 1,620 Rs. 2,100

Create Exquisite French Nail Art With Ease!

✓ Get perfect french manicure with just a push

✓ Easily style different types of french manicure

✓ Quick & Easy To Use

✓ Works great with ALL types of nail polish

What Make Us Different

French Manicure Made Easy!

FrenchEZ™ Jelly Nail Stamper is specifically designed to create neat & crisp line for french nail art! Made with high-quality silicone that easily reaches the edge of most curved nails. It makes nail art so much easier and looks so clean.

Easy and Simple to use!

No skills required to create perfect french manicure! Simply paint on a couple of coats of nail polish on the stamper, push the tip of your fingernail into the silicone stamp at approximately a 30-degree angle & you're done! No more needed struggling to create french tip with a small brush!

Works On ALL Nail Shapes!

Suitable for natural nails, artificial nails, and many more. FrenchEZ™ Jelly Nail Stamper is specially designed to fit all nail size, no worries about uneven stamping!

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