BlendQuick Portable Blender

Rs. 1,900 Rs. 2,300

Say Hello to BlendQuik® Mason Jar Portable Blender

BlendQuik® is the Next Generation Mason Jar Style Personal Portable Blender.

Craft your personalized superfood every single time with the press of a button, get smooth, fresh and healthy smoothies or shake.

Enjoy On The Go .It’s time to take your healthy lifestyle to the next level with BlendQuik®.


The Freedom To Enjoy Fresh and Healthy Drinks

Craft your own superfood - fresh, nutrient-rich, and healthy smoothies or protein shakes on the go in less than 1 minute, anywhere in the world — from a mountaintop to your kitchen countertop.

Ultra Powerful 10-Blades Blending System

BlendQuik® serves up immense blender power when you need it.

Its 360 Cyclone Stirring and 10-blade setup is powerful enough to crush ice, frozen fruits, nuts, or even carrots in less than 40 seconds with a top speed of 18000 rpm

  • Step1

    Add your favorite fresh or frozen ingredients.

  • Step2

    Turn it upside down and click the power button.Blend for 1 or 2 minute depending on texture preference.

  • Step3

    Voila! You are now a smoothie master! Drink your smoothie directly from spout or use straw.


Recharge Anywhere On The Go

BlendQuik® Portable Blender is equipped with a water-resistant USB Type-C port that makes it easier than ever to power up. You can charge BlendQuik®  practically anywhere: 

  • At Home
  • At Work
  • In Car 
  • Using laptop 
  • Powerbank.

Advance Safety Protection

BlendQuik is thoughtfully designed to meet your and your family's everyday needs.

BlendQuik is equipped with advanced safety protection :

  • ​Intuitive LED Power Display
  • Do not turn on if Lid not closed
  • Overload Protection 
  • ​Overcharge Protection
  • Overheat Protection

Self Cleaning

If you have ever had to clean a blender, you will know that it is an absolute pain. With BlendQuik®,you must add water and one drop of soap and turn it on. After a minute, it will be spotless!

Convenient Direct Drinking and Spill Proof

BlendQuik®'s spill proof design lets you drink up right after blending, without needing to pour your smoothie into a bottle or cup.

  • Just blend and sip
  • No need to open the top lid 
  • No chance of mess

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