Rs. 298,500

Volumizing hair crimper achieves gorgeous results and is safe for all hair types including dry, color-treated, fine, medium, or coarse. Very suitable for daily styling.

Tourmaline ceramic curling plates evenly distribute heat, allowing you to quickly style your hair without damaging your hair.

Try a variety of styles

Crimmaster is so easy to use and quick to change your kids' style. With automatic rotation technology, it will take less than 10 minutes for all your hair!


360 degree rotation

The innovative 360-degree rotation allows you to style in minutes, 'sucking' hair between the rotating curling plates. Built-in sensitive detections prevent hair from getting caught and hurt.


Tourmaline ceramic coating

Tourmaline ceramic technology protects hair with an even distribution of heat, which quickly penetrates the hair, combing from the inside out and helping to seal the hair cuticle for even shinier hair.


Significantly reduces styling time by automatically guiding hair between rotating, furrowed rods Ideal for creped looks or for plucking hair for extra lift and volume at the hairline Two temperature settings up to 230 ° C - ideal for all hair types Can also be used to create textured ones Curls and flips can be used. Grooved bars for creped texture and volume. Automatic shut-off after one hour Creating texture and volume has never been easier. Experience a new dimension in creping with the CRIMMASTER. Revolutionary professional crepe hairstyles a uniform look in seconds by automatically guiding the hair between the rotating crepe rods. The intensity of each wave is determined by the pressure applied to the crepe iron.


  • Starting from the root, place small strands between the rotating rods.
  • Activate the rotating rods by squeezing the creping iron. Make sure the bars rotate downward.
  • The iron will pull the hair through automatically, but for better results it is a good idea to run the hair gently and slowly through the crimping iron.

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