Rs. 2,650 Rs. 3,500
  1. Effortless Dispensing: Our 360° Rotating Dry Food Dispenser makes serving cereal, grains, and rice an absolute breeze.

  2. Space-Saving Design: With its compact, round shape and 6-grid storage capacity, this dispenser efficiently utilizes kitchen space.

  3. Large Capacity: Store up to 22lbs of your favorite dry foods, ensuring you always have a ready supply.

             4. Hygienic and BPA-Free: Crafted with food-grade materials, our dispenser keeps your ingredients safe from contaminants.

              5. Mess-Free Pouring: The dispenser's precise mechanism ensures a controlled pour, reducing spills and waste.

              6. Easy to Clean: The detachable design simplifies cleaning and maintenance, making it a practical addition to your kitchen.

              7. 360° Rotation: Enjoy convenient access from all angles, making it ideal for busy kitchens.

                8. Saves Time: No more fumbling with boxes or bags – simply turn and dispense with ease.

            9. Versatile Use: Besides cereal and grains, this dispenser is perfect for storing pasta, beans, and other dry goods.

          10. Elevate Your Kitchen: Add a touch of modernity and organization to your kitchen with this stylish and functional cereal and grain dispenser.


    The large diameter design on the top makes it easy to add various grains. It is suitable for whole grains, such as millet, green beans, oats, soybeans, peanuts, corn, rice, red beans, etc. It can store six different grains at a time.


    There is an insect-proof material box on the top, you can put star anise, garlic, pepper and other items, which can keep mice, insects and other pests away, so as to ensure the freshness and health of the grains.


    The top cover of the rice dispenser can be removed to facilitate the addition of grains.The round button can be pressed with one button to intelligently quantify rice, grains or any other food.

    Our rice storage container features 6 separate grids and one-click output, easy to check the remaining amount at any time. It can hold all kinds of dry food, grains , cereals etc keeps your kitchen clean and tidy.


     The rice container with a 360° rotating design can be turned gently, and you can choose what you need. The transparent and visible Grain Rice Bucket makes it easy for you to observe the capacity. 360° Rotating Rice Storage Containers are made of PP material, safe and healthy. Which is not easy to be damaged, allowing food to have a longer shelf life. The top cover can be removed for easy grain addition.

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